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I Just Love to Decorate Membership

I Just Love To Decorate LLC will now be offering a monthly paid subscription to post your business links, blogs, pages, FB Groups, Etsy, Ebay, Watermarks, websites, and any other business related posts etc.

This service could potentially bring in a wonderful income for you without breaking the bank!

Over 323,000 members

Imagine the possibilities with over 275,000 members seeing your business posts and clicking on your link!

In a digital age where social media is king, being seen can also come with a price.

We want to help you to be seen and grow but save you money.

Our monthly membership is unique and one that will bring so much value and others to your products!

With so many changes going on with Facebook, we wanted to offer a way to advertise yourself in a way that is beneficial to you as well as at a low price!

Who doesn’t like a deal right?!

Our monthly membership offers you:

Post 3x a week with any links affiliated with your products

Member spotlight on:

  • Monthly Spotlight in Facebook 
  • Spotlight Business Directory 

Become a member


6 Month Bundle: $132.00

12 Month Bundle: $264.00

Spring Time Special:  $44.00

*Buy two months, get one month FREE*

Welcome Back Special: $22 *Code Needed

Refunds will not be provided for any subscription. All membership sales are final and do not qualify for a refund.